Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random Dozen ,Chickens

Good country fun, I always tell them no to chase my egg layers.

I was proud of Katie she caught the red rooster he doesn't have spurs yet, look out once he gets them and figures out how to use them. Riley has the colored egg layer.

1. Tell me something about your favorite teacher.

Mrs Cline at Eaton Elementary, she worked so hard to try to get me to spell, Bless her heart.
2. Tell me about one pivotal moment in your life.
3. About favorite colors--a lot of people will ask you what it is, but I want to know why it is. What feeling or memory does it evoke?
Burnt umber, it makes great shadows on paintings. I will show you a picture of the Christmas jacket I made this week with a good friend Peggy.
4. What's a sure sign that you're getting older?
grey hair
5. Please don't sermonize, but Halloween--is it a yes or no for you?
6. What's your favorite musical?
Sound of Music
7. Are you more of a city mouse or country mouse?
country mouse
8. Did you know that it is possible, for a small fee, to name a real star after someone? (It's true! Google it!) If someone were to name a star for you, would you appreciate it for its whimsy and romance, or would you say, "Are you kidding me? For $19.95 we could have gone to the movie and actually bought popcorn."
Take me to the movies, My son would rather have the money to squirrel it away.
This question comes from Paula at His Ways Are Not Our Ways.
9. What's the craziest thing you've ever been doing and texted during it? I only thought of this b/c I was about to try to text during my walking video but I didn't.
Paula, you do know that this blog is rated G, right?
I have never texed before, I hate spelling and would rather say what need communicated.
10. "It's not a party unless _______."
11. When you're stuck in traffic or a waiting room, what do you do to pass the time? PS: There are no magazines available. I was just at the doctors office Monday, My Katie was diagnosed with h1n1, but she is getting over it very slowly but surly.
12. If you weren't yourself, would you be friends with you?
No way, there wouldn't be anyone to make decisions, plus all we would get done is crafting, or blogging
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