Friday, May 29, 2009

Brown Eggs For Sale!
The chickens are laying about six eggs a day,
too many for my family to eat, but barely enough
to sale, I let them accumulate to about five dozen
then ask the people around our town if they
need any. It barely pays for the chicken feed.

these are my girls, they are rascals, they love strawberries and thoroughly enjoy freshly planted and tilled dirt, that way they can eat their bugs and get some grain while they are at it. I have only been letting them out of their pen in the evening, so I can keep an eye on them , they go back in their pen automatically when it gets dark because chickens are night blind . and naturally go to their safe place before it gets dark.
Eric is over half done with the planting season, Its been one of the more trying planting seasons that I have experienced so far, we moved up to the farm and started farming in 1999.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ta-da it's Jenny's daughter\unpublicized editor

Hi it's Jenny's daughter! I wanted to do my own blog but the stupid google wouldn't let me. I am the daughter she rarely mentions. Yeah, the boring one. See this picture to the left. Yeah not really looking like me. That picture is from second grade. I am in sixth grade. you might have noticed my sarcasm. It comes from dad. I'll tell you what happens in my day. i go to school in the morning and go to my happy place. Then when i get home i usually spend all my time in my room doing homework and reading. I am not lying. I read Shakespeare. Amazing huh? i don't really watch TV at all. I don't have my own phone and my MP3 player got crushed a long time ago. I like to write stories on my 1995 windows computer. If you ask at school you would probably hear that i don't talk a lot and i read. Of course when i am at home i just read. now you know why i am never mentioned much in moms blog. I am always in my room. as you might have noticed from the color i am using that i love green. Yeah i am going a little random here but oh well. I am my moms editor [who never gets credit] and i really do love school. When i grow up i hope to be a police man [why do they always say police man] I also wish to be a writer. When i get to write on my moms blog then i will probably just write about books. Like Shakespeare. I love Hamlet it is one of my favorite books. We have a book called the bathroom reader and in it there is a part that talks about Shakespeare and the insults in his books. My favorite one is: 'I durst not laugh for fear of openings my lips and receiving your bad air.' Well i think it is funny. My favorite book series so far is called Pendragon. It is not about Pens or dragons for that matter, it is just the name of the boy in it. It is totally science fiction. I really recommend this book series. My next favorite book series [or should i say author] is Artemis fowle. This story is about a millionaire criminal mastermind that is only 12 years old when he suddenly get in contact with the fairy world and his adventures thereafter. Wow i started sounding like the back of a book for a while there.

See you next time,


Baskets and flowers

I love spring,and going to pick out a new fresh look for my yard, this year is blue and yellow,
This is a basket I made with my friends in Hartford City In., we have a class every other month to learn to weave a different basket, Its allot of fun, The group of Lady's I weave baskets with are allot of fun.
I go to a pottery class also but have not been for a while now, the kelm is not working and my things still need to be fired, I have allot to learn about pottery. I think painting is my real calling I just wish I could find a teacher who could mentor me, I would eat up all they would have to show me.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

This is a farmers prayers answered, it is finally dry enough to do any planting. The earth is coming up in clumps , but at this point you take what you get. we might just get all the corn planted. Praise God!!

This is Riley my 14 year old son getting ready to do his favorite thing burning the Field trash. When it rains a lot it makes the corn stalks pile up so high that the crops cant grow, and get smothered out. Its really a hot and stinky job. but someone has to do it.
Love and Peace Jenny

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today I only have a tip for gardening I think is quite clever,
I'm not sure how I came up with it,

This tip is for getting those pesty dandelions with roundup and not getting anything else.

First I use a container like the one you get from the instant frosting,

then I have a dropper from my sons science kit,

I poked a hole in the lid just big enough to slip the dropper inside,
fill the container with roundup,

don't forget to mark it poison.

I like to put bright color of food coloring in it Like Red, or orange so I can tell what I have already done.

Now comes the fun part, place a drop of your roundup on the leafs of the dandelions and watch it slide down to the center, it usually delivers the poison directly to the center of the weed and misses the grass or plant .

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Torri our cat reminds me of an owl, she has a beige nose, big yellow eyes, and loves to prow at night.

This year spring has been very slow in coming, this is the first week that the weather has given a break,

we are hoping to get to plant the crops

this week, My father-in-law said that it wouldn't be wise to plant corn past the first of June so we have two weeks to get the corn planted. YIKES!
soybeans don't need as long of a time to grow. Corn will bring a better price this year because there are a lot of farmers who are in the same bind and corn is going to be in short supply.
My garden is not doing the best, I chose to plant my potted plants in the garden without tilling first, it is not as pretty or as satisfying,.

I plan to mulch with newspaper and grass clippings it will look the same in the end.

I just love the feel and smell of the fresh tilled dirt,
when I was a kid I would always take my shoes off and run my toes through the earth , and would always be scolded for it. It is best not to plant in compacted ground.

Friday, May 15, 2009

110 years old and feeling it

In 1899 Eric's Great Great Grandfather built our wonderful house.

Now we have a big decision, to do home improvement or demolition. Its really a hard thing to decide because of sentimental value, and the time and cost.

Eric and I are not the kind of people who like to spend money, I am a tight wade like my Dad, Eric is just practical. the list of things that need attention is daunting, Basement to new roof.

My In laws remodeled in the early seventies and I love ,Love ,LOVE My kitchen.

but the big problem is Mice, yuck, the foundation is cracked and the mice know it. Our running joke is, Whose turn is it to run the trap line?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring is finally here

Today we have really enjoyed the weather, the kids walked back to the woods and stayed for a long time. Riley said he saw some raccoons climb a tree ,and Katie said she had an encounter with a deer how exciting.
Riley had a very nice man call today and invite him to his farm to get some pigeons he wanted to get rid of, He breads the pigeons to do a flip when they fly, Kim,our neighbor ; told Mr Buckner about Riley and how his last pigeons were lost this winter. Its great to know there are still good people in this world. Mr buckner wanted to keep other people interested in the sport and even offered to let us know when the pigoens race will be this year.
We have had so much rain this year Eric hasn't had any chances to put any crops out yet, or use his new planter this year. We have only seen a few Fields planted, and the rain and cold might be hard on them, Please pray for ALL farmers, its been a cold and rainey year.