Friday, October 2, 2009

I used my cuss word today

This is my favorite book worm, she live and breaths to read.
She has begged me to take her to the Bluffton library for weeks, so I finally relented today, when we got there, there was a blind guy trying to get in, so we offered to assist him in, then the worst thing that could happen, happened. their was a paper sign in the door saying the library was closed today because of a power outage. There was wailing and gnashing of teeth, and it wasn't the blind guy.
I made a rule at our house that we all were only aloud to use one cuss word every six weeks, So we flew of the handle and let it fly, only after we got in the car and out of earshot of the blind dude.
My day started innocent enough I have been wanting to make a pot of chili for days but have been so busy blogging,drying herbs, and running errands to even get it accomplished, I finely had it almost done when I poured the ratatouille noodles in and low and behold their where bugs in my noodles," RATS". The chickens loved my first batch of chili, I Had to go to the grocery store because I used all my ingredients, the thing that got me the most is I used my home grown tomatoes.
On the other hand she is a real camera jerk it took me three pictures to get her to cooperate, the cat jumped in the picture after I got her to behave.
this is the best picture of her we have taken all year.
PS This is Katie and in this picture I am trying to snarl, but my mom was making me laugh.
Camera Jerk and proud of it!

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  1. You should be proud. Between the chili and the library, I think it was definitely a 2 cuss word week!