Friday, October 9, 2009

Whats up on the farm

It's raining today, and all hopes of harvesting are put on hold till further notice, but spirits are still high, there is always next week, or next month, or next year, Just kidding, as fare as I have heard the latest the end of harvest is thanksgiving, and they had to pick in the snow, I wonder how snow acts when it's sent through a combine?, anyway that's what is happening on the farm.

Yesterday I heard one of my roosters crow, he is very shy about it because he wont do it in front of anyone, it seems like we just bought them such a short time ago, This picture cracks me up, it shows what a character Riley is.
When the kids get home from school our house is like a different world, there is chaos and bickering, and song and story's of all that happened during the day, I will miss them when they move out of my nest, just like I miss them when they were toddlers.

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  1. Keep your farm filled with a flock of hens it will ease the absence of your children when their time comes to fly the coop. Believe me when I say, they always come home for a "home cooked meal"!