Thursday, September 3, 2009

Can't seem to give it away

I have been cleaning out my house lately and have a lot of kid games and toys that my kids and I thought we had to have but rarely used.

I had to find a place to unload all these treasures because having a rummage sale is not quite worth it when you live in the boonies among the impoverished country people.

I hardly have anyone to stop let alone buy anything.

When I lived in Muncie Indiana I would get so many customers I would usually sell out. of course I had baby stuff back then.

Well I had the idea to give all the games and toys to our local elementary school so the teachers would have something for the kids to do on rainy days, you think they would jump at the chance for free toys.

I guess my mistake was to offer to deliver the toys because I ended up with the toy banging around in the back of my van for a week, because they wouldn't tell me where and when to bring them.

every time I would make a quick stop or turn a corner this little guitar would bang around It sounded like I was driving Quick Draw McGraw around for a week. I had to ask my brother what his name was, It sure brought back happy memory's of the good old days when cartoons were of mindless entertainment, and no one gets hurt, except that is if you were the youngest of four impressible kids, and the only girl.

this week I made 19 pints of grape jam on Tuesday and last Saturday the kids and I made 8 pounds of noodles. I feel like I earned my keep this week.


  1. LOL....your are so funny...I have been cleaning some to..I didn't realize I had so much stuff, hubby says if you don't use it in a year you don't need it....He may or may not be right...

  2. You have been busy!

    I sell a lot of stuff on e-bay. It is amazing what people will buy!

    I have had a few yard sales and have come to the conclusion that they usually aren't worth the effort. is amazing what people will buy. Also put 8:00 for the start time of the yard sale. You write "No Early Birds Please", and sure enough there is always some little old man out there at 4AM looking thru your garage.

  3. I did the same darn thing when I tried to donate to the women's shelter after I lost 40 pounds last summer...then there were kids clothes..and toys...there is always something...and donations seem to be a lot of work for us don't they?

  4. Great post. I'd planned on making grape jelly but the racoons keep beating me to the ripe grapes!

  5. Why do we hang onto items we are never going to use? I believe the fall season is for organizing inside and out, when this is accomplished we can "nest" peacefully for the winter.