Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I had the trogan horse breathing down my neck

Hello I'm back, I thought I caught a virus on Sunday, and was afraid to turn on my computer until I could get it checked out by a specialist.

I decided to google my blog name just to see what would come up, and out of the blue a warning popped up and said I had the Trojan horse virus, I froze like a deer in the headlights and slowly put the laptop down so I could consult my husband on what to do.

but he was busy and I forgot until hours later, hubby said to write down just exactly what the warning said, but when I tried the warning went away.

I found out that the hackers get people to freak out and click on there warning and they get infected, so its a good thing that I didnt do anything right away. Whew!!!!


  1. I am glad he didn't get you!!! I hate that kind of stuff...I'm not computer savy,but my boys are really good with them,so I just ask them when something comes up...

  2. I HATE that.

    Is it starve a cold and feed a fever or the other way around.....I don't suppose it matters if there isn't a pulse.