Monday, August 31, 2009


These are the newest editions to the family.
We went to Indianapolis to the reptile show at the state fair grounds.
It was another world, along with seeing a lot of slithering and scampering things we got our fill of tattooed bodies, and Pierced tongs, yuck! It felt like we went into one of those side shows you pay to get into, and we did five bucks a Piece, it was an experience we will never forget.
Oh yeah remember me asking what could go wrong with buying a snake?, well we found out on the first night. One got out. But no worries we found him.
Riley says;
I love my new snakes. They are so beautiful. I could sit and look at them all day. I have already named the male Julius Squeezer because they are constrictors, but I haven't come up with a good snake name for the female.
I would like the name to have a historic link and it to be funny. I would love suggestions please.
At the snake show I was in haven. Their was so many snakes and frogs and insects there. Some frogs a big as a small plate, some tiny poison dart frogs, tarantulas, and bearded dragons galore . I had a blast.


  1. I love snakes!!!! But not as a pet or in the house....couldn't lay down at night....I really don't have a name,but let us know what you decide...take care...

  2. Julius Squeezer...WAHAHAHA!!!!

    I was gone last week and got home to find out that my 18 year old had been given a SCORPION while I was away! *sigh* (maybe it's time for him to start looking at apartments (kidding).

    Have a great day!

  3. Hey Jenny,I left something for you on my blog..come over and check it out...p.s I love to read your blog..

  4. UGGGGGGGGGGGGG, please don't hate me, but I rather keep chickens than snakes. I appreciate them, but keep them at your house!