Friday, May 29, 2009

Brown Eggs For Sale!
The chickens are laying about six eggs a day,
too many for my family to eat, but barely enough
to sale, I let them accumulate to about five dozen
then ask the people around our town if they
need any. It barely pays for the chicken feed.

these are my girls, they are rascals, they love strawberries and thoroughly enjoy freshly planted and tilled dirt, that way they can eat their bugs and get some grain while they are at it. I have only been letting them out of their pen in the evening, so I can keep an eye on them , they go back in their pen automatically when it gets dark because chickens are night blind . and naturally go to their safe place before it gets dark.
Eric is over half done with the planting season, Its been one of the more trying planting seasons that I have experienced so far, we moved up to the farm and started farming in 1999.


  1. How neat to have your own fresh brown eggs every day. Although, I can see where it would get to be too much. Your chickens look great!


  2. Oh Chickens and fresh eggs. I remember doing that when I was young at my Granny's. There was this one that would chase you around the pin while you were trying to collect the eggs. She was not fond of people touching her eggs. Glad the planting is almost done.

  3. Your chickens are lovely! I never thought I would want chickens the idea is so charming to me now. Too bad it is written into our HOA bylaws that we can't have any. :( I would love having fresh eggs everyday!

    Which, if you are in the southern Indianapolis area, I could help you get rid of those extra eggs! Hint, hint! ;)