Thursday, June 4, 2009


I have a lot of pictures I could show, but being a rookie at this I think I better keep it as simple as I can for now.
I can't figure out how to get the pictures to go and stay where I put them, when I publish my post they aren't in the same spot they were when I previewed it.
The corn is up and looking good, My editor used to call them sprouties, I think that's cute. she gets mad this year when we call them that, I don't know why I think it is a clever use of words.
Isn't our new baby chick cute, I love getting chicks in the spring , they are as funny as toddlers, you can give them a leaf of salad lettuce and they will run around with it like playing keep away. They can't help giving it away that they have the prize and no one else can have it.
Baby chicks are a lot of work, you have to keep them warm and they poop a lot, and keeping them safe from dogs and cats and other chickens , we always loose at least one every time.
Happy Spring Jenny


  1. You should try Live Writer for your posts it makes it much easier. I did a post on it and it is a free download.

    I love the baby chick so cute.

  2. What a cute chick, and wonderful rows of corn 'sprouties'.


  3. Did you know one of my dreams is to keep chickens? I just LOVE them.