Friday, May 15, 2009

110 years old and feeling it

In 1899 Eric's Great Great Grandfather built our wonderful house.

Now we have a big decision, to do home improvement or demolition. Its really a hard thing to decide because of sentimental value, and the time and cost.

Eric and I are not the kind of people who like to spend money, I am a tight wade like my Dad, Eric is just practical. the list of things that need attention is daunting, Basement to new roof.

My In laws remodeled in the early seventies and I love ,Love ,LOVE My kitchen.

but the big problem is Mice, yuck, the foundation is cracked and the mice know it. Our running joke is, Whose turn is it to run the trap line?


  1. Oh Jenny ~ What a predicament! I think I would go for fixing up your grand old place, doing the most important project first, which sounds like the cracks in the foundation. Then maybe the roof, as those are two really important things that need taken care of. When you build new, you lose the character of the place you are living in now. A new place will cost, will take time and where would you live in the meantime? Living in your home while you are remodeling lets you be right there while the work is being done. Since you LOVE your kitchen, that is a huge plus in my book. You and your DH will just have to weigh the pros and cons, and go from there.

    I love your cottage garden by the way.

    Thanks for visiting my blog also.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. I am a sentimental fool...and this would rip my heart out!!! I suppose you will need to figure out which one is more cost effective...myself I would slowly fix up the old...if it is safe to do so!
    have a wonderful week...
    oh yes...that garden in the photo....OUTSTANDING!

  3. Oh the house looks beautiful.. I am sentimental so I would go for fixing it up. Sorry about the mice problem.