Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ta-da it's Jenny's daughter\unpublicized editor

Hi it's Jenny's daughter! I wanted to do my own blog but the stupid google wouldn't let me. I am the daughter she rarely mentions. Yeah, the boring one. See this picture to the left. Yeah not really looking like me. That picture is from second grade. I am in sixth grade. you might have noticed my sarcasm. It comes from dad. I'll tell you what happens in my day. i go to school in the morning and go to my happy place. Then when i get home i usually spend all my time in my room doing homework and reading. I am not lying. I read Shakespeare. Amazing huh? i don't really watch TV at all. I don't have my own phone and my MP3 player got crushed a long time ago. I like to write stories on my 1995 windows computer. If you ask at school you would probably hear that i don't talk a lot and i read. Of course when i am at home i just read. now you know why i am never mentioned much in moms blog. I am always in my room. as you might have noticed from the color i am using that i love green. Yeah i am going a little random here but oh well. I am my moms editor [who never gets credit] and i really do love school. When i grow up i hope to be a police man [why do they always say police man] I also wish to be a writer. When i get to write on my moms blog then i will probably just write about books. Like Shakespeare. I love Hamlet it is one of my favorite books. We have a book called the bathroom reader and in it there is a part that talks about Shakespeare and the insults in his books. My favorite one is: 'I durst not laugh for fear of openings my lips and receiving your bad air.' Well i think it is funny. My favorite book series so far is called Pendragon. It is not about Pens or dragons for that matter, it is just the name of the boy in it. It is totally science fiction. I really recommend this book series. My next favorite book series [or should i say author] is Artemis fowle. This story is about a millionaire criminal mastermind that is only 12 years old when he suddenly get in contact with the fairy world and his adventures thereafter. Wow i started sounding like the back of a book for a while there.

See you next time,



  1. Katie ~ I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Hope to hear more from you in the future. Your thoughts and ideas about life. Your folks must be very proud of you.

    I would say you are far from boring. Enchanting and knowledgeable is more like it.


  2. That was a great post for a second, I mean sixth grader. Do I need to call DSS to get your mother to let you out of your bedroom? LOL

  3. Oh, Katie (great name, by the way!) I am late commenting on this, but I'm so glad I found it! Great editors are hard to find, so keep at it. You remind me a lot of my daughter, Katie, who is now 22. She has a sarcastic side, too, but not a really mean side anymore now that she has matured. She also loved (still does) to read. I was an English major in school and love Shakespeare, too, although it's been a long time since I read any plays or poems. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and that I liked your post. Keep writing!