Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Torri our cat reminds me of an owl, she has a beige nose, big yellow eyes, and loves to prow at night.

This year spring has been very slow in coming, this is the first week that the weather has given a break,

we are hoping to get to plant the crops

this week, My father-in-law said that it wouldn't be wise to plant corn past the first of June so we have two weeks to get the corn planted. YIKES!
soybeans don't need as long of a time to grow. Corn will bring a better price this year because there are a lot of farmers who are in the same bind and corn is going to be in short supply.
My garden is not doing the best, I chose to plant my potted plants in the garden without tilling first, it is not as pretty or as satisfying,.

I plan to mulch with newspaper and grass clippings it will look the same in the end.

I just love the feel and smell of the fresh tilled dirt,
when I was a kid I would always take my shoes off and run my toes through the earth , and would always be scolded for it. It is best not to plant in compacted ground.


  1. I love your cat. We have 4 of them. The corn got in late around here and I saw some yesterday just coming up so maybe it isn't too late. We are going to use newspaper and grass clippings too this year if I ever get around to putting the bagger on the mower. I picked my first zuccini last night. Yea!!

  2. Your cat is very pretty.
    I hope you get everything planted, it sounds like a lot of work. A lot of my family are farmers in GA and I love a plowed field with planted corn, so pretty :)