Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baskets and flowers

I love spring,and going to pick out a new fresh look for my yard, this year is blue and yellow,
This is a basket I made with my friends in Hartford City In., we have a class every other month to learn to weave a different basket, Its allot of fun, The group of Lady's I weave baskets with are allot of fun.
I go to a pottery class also but have not been for a while now, the kelm is not working and my things still need to be fired, I have allot to learn about pottery. I think painting is my real calling I just wish I could find a teacher who could mentor me, I would eat up all they would have to show me.


  1. Hi. Great job on the basket! I am COMPLETELY craft impaired, and am always amazed at what some people can make!

    As for your old building that needs to be demolished. If there aren't too many structures close to it, your local fire dept would probably LOVE to use it for a training fire. We have a concrete training building, but it is always great when someone has an old building they donate. Much more realistic as there aren't too many concrete house fires in real life. lol. Might even be a tax write off...I'm not sure, but something to look into.

    It's very kind of you to consider it. (and could be fun to watch!)

    Nice to meet you!!

  2. What a great job on the basket,love the flowers that adorn it too.