Friday, January 15, 2010

Ode to Food

I love food, it is the center of my life, the best way I know to say I love you, or My Language of Love, some days I feel like I write poetry with sugar and spice.

Every meal starts with a drama. Onions& garlic in butter. and some poor dead critter. And I didn't have to take its life (and I don't mean roadkill).

My favorite easy way to start a meal it to buy a rotisserie chicken,( I didnt have to kill it,puck it, or gut it. Heck I didnt even have to cook it!) I prefere barbecue, or lemon.

I aways boil the bones and skin don't forget the jelled stuff in the bottom of the pan it comes in. Chicken stock is so easy.

If I don't need it right away I put it in a clean cottage cheese carton, they hold 2 cups of broth, and they freeze well, and they're easy to thaw out in the microwave.

I hope its OK to use cottage cheese cartons that way, because my family is doomed if it causes cancer or something.
I'll give you guys the recipe soon!
:) Smile from the Editor! (She's getting better!)


  1. I love food and cooking it in creative ways can stirfry almost anything! I like taking shortcuts too!

  2. That is my kind of cooking ;) And if you can't stuff in cottage cheese containers or butter containers then we are doomed as well.

  3. Food? if only I could conquer cooking. I am the very worst cook I have every known. And if I need 2 or more things to be ready and hot at the same time, well, I would rather be cleaning the bathroom.

    sigh, there is one recipe I rarely mess-up. You order the pizza on line and they deliver it right to your door. ha.

    hhmmm, of course then there are my computer issues to deal with. Luckily you can call them also.