Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jack-O-lantern and carolina wren

Today it rained, so I'm stuck inside, so I took time to try to figure out the camera and finally got some good shots of some of my paintings,.
This painting Jack-O-Lantern and Carolina wren was finished in fall of 2006 I was in a lot of pain with a really bad root canal, every time the tooth was capped I would be in pain, so I kept having to go back to have it worked on. It was bad. I was so glade to have something positive to focus on.
It has been so long since I have blogged, I been trying to use another format to blog with but can not seam to get the code in just right.

I have a question, I made myself a follower of Jenny wren's nest and found someone else is using the same blog name, or its an old one. What will happen if she would start to blog again ?


  1. Pretty painting.

    hmmm I googled the other Jennywrens nest and it looks like she has her own domain (.com instead of blogspot.com) instead of thru blogspot so that should not affect your blog at all :)

    Oh That pool in Ginger's, we have an above ground for the rest of the family, which Ginger gets in as well. She loves to swim.

  2. You paint very well...dental work is SO painful.

    As for the "other" Jenny Wrens Nest"....guess she'll just have to change her name!

  3. I really like the painting. Sorry I haven't stoppped by in a while. Read thru previous posts - hungry teen boys, Ha! - love the "sprouties". They are up all around me too.

    To answer your question - Yes, the new Concannon's does have a drive thru - darn them anyway. Now you can just drive around and they'll give you your fix, I mean chocolate cupcake, out the back window...