Friday, August 13, 2010

August has been a hot house

The heat indexfor today is 99 and the humidity is 88%. My brother who lives in Texas can't believe the difference humidity makes, when you walk outside from an air conditioned house and into the humid day our glasses fog over. Its to hot to garden, to hot to bake, so I might as well blog.
It looks like fog but it's like a sauna
This is one of my new plants I grew this year. It's called Amaranth Hopi red dye herb. I am so excited that it grew.
The bad news is the basket class I go to has been canceled for a while, and I was hoping to get some interest from basket class ladies to dye their reed along with me. I hate to do all that work for no more than I need. In my research I found out that it is a grain that is really good for you. I have always wanted to buy a grain mill, but I will probably borrow an old friends till I know we like this kind of grain. I put a link below to some of the info if you are interested.


  1. I'm blogging at this minute for the same reason, it's just too hot and humid again today. I just came back inside myself, was out for a few minutes only to take photos of a doe and two fawns in my flower garden. Now it's beginning to rain.

  2. The weather forecast is like a broken record everywhere, hazy-hot-and humid. Fall can't come fast enough for me, (remind me I said that when we are experencing our first Northeaster!) My vegetable garden shriveled and died on the vine, what a disappointment. Your flower garden looks lovely, nice and lush. Let us know how the reed dyeing goes.

  3. It has been SO hot and humid here also! We did have a cold spell this week. I think the temp stayed under 100 and the heat index stayed under 105 all week!!

    Just think....weren't we breaking records with snowfall just a few months ago!