Saturday, October 2, 2010


It's been a very busy harvest this year, the dry weather has made the corn dry out fast and we are working hard to get the corn in before the wind knocks it down, the corn stalks are very dry and brittle.
An added bonus to the dry weather is the corn moisture count is down so much that we don't have to use the grain dryer. The grain dryer is usually a source of frustration that farmers have to put up with, and uses a lot of gas, and has so many safety valves that if you don't have everything perfect it will shut itself down, and then figuring out why is time consuming. The noise factor is another issue, the guys have to wear ear protection.

Its hard to believe we almost have the corn harvested already. We have a setback currently, a flat tire on the combine. It was perfect timing though because it's been raining ever since the tire went flat, so we couldn't work any way. Time to make apple sauce.

Fred, our goat, is drooling over the apples.

I have been busy with all the apples we were blessed with, a bumper crop, I have been making apple sauce by the gallon, apple pie, apple dumplings, and apple cake, then putting it in my freezer.
The goat and ram have been overwhelmed with how many apples we have been tossing over the fence to them. I think if they could talk they would be asking if we could please toss a little field corn there way.
This fall when the Field was harvested across the road and all that was left were hunting birds like hawks and scared Field mice,and snakes running for there lives, our new dog pepper thought would be fun to go check out the excitement and was hit by a car, we are down to one very happy dog now. Life for buster is back to quiet peaceful and normal, I wonder if Buster told pepper to go play in the street?, Shirley not. Jenny wren


  1. Apples, Apples, Apples!!

    You know, the other day I was reading a magazine and there was a section about a family that has apple trees. I got ready to skip it and then thought of you and read it. They made it seem like a story book. I'm sure they left out the mosquitoes, rotten apples, sore shoulders and hours and hours of prep but it still made me want to go out and buy an apple orchard. (If I were a rich I do love apples!
    Yours are beautiful!

    Don't you just LOVE Fiddler on the Roof!! I have the soundtrack and can only imagine what other motorists are thinking when my windows in the car are down and I'm belting out Matchmaker Matchmaker Make me a Match!!

  2. Jenny Wren, I am so sorry to hear of Pepper's demise. I do understand how one dog can be one dog too many. I too have been making applesauce, apple cake, applesauce cake and apple pies. Do you have a favorite recipe for apple dumplings? Hope your corn harvest is completed for the season.

  3. Hi Jenny. I know what you mean about not being about to get into the "groove". Blogging used to come so naturally. The words just flowed....sometimes making sense and sometimes not...but it really didn't matter.
    Seems the words just want to come anymore. I still have them rambleing in my head but they lose something between my head and my fingers.

    Hope all is well with you!

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