Friday, August 13, 2010

Meet Pepper

This is Pepper, we rescued her from a pound that seemed more like alcatraz. She was traumatized and very unsure. Luckily we had the foresight to put a dog crate in the van before we went to see what kind of dogs were available, because she was a mess by the time we got her home. She still gets car sick every time we take her anywhere. Buster is so miserable, poor boy! I feel really bad for him. He sits on the top step of the garage all bug eyed and nervous, because Pepper is very happy and wants to play rough.

The kids are so excited to have a dog that will play. This dog can run fast! Katie takes her for a run to the woods most evenings, its a farm lane that ends in a meadow and a large woods that we own, so I feel it's pretty safe.

I was going to blog about all the unusual herbs I grew this year but my computer need to be looked at, it's doing things that make me think it's got it in for me. I will be lucky if I get this published before it shuts me down.
Jenny wren


  1. Thank you for being a GOOD person and adopting your newest great family member, Pepper!! Lets empty out the dog pounds, shelters and rescues and show these homeless animals what a great life is all about!

  2. Jenny... what are the chances of someone cleaning up their blog reading list, wondering where some bloggers disappeared to, then having one of those said bloggers come and visit. :) Glad to see a post and comment from you!

    Has the summer been as hot and humid there as it has been here? It seems to be passing by fast also.

    Pepper has a bright happy look in his eyes!

  3. Wanda, it has been so humid here. I have pictures that Riley took of the steamy moister hanging over the corn fields. I want to blog about it but my computer keeps rearranging what I do, I'm not sure why. My computer guy is busy. and cant get to me until Tuesday.

  4. Sweet new pup Jenny. Glad to see you have returned to blog land!