Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The pet dilemma

My son loves animals, he would live at the pet store if we left him there, I'm sure the owners wouldn't mind, He would gladly handle each one of the animals to tame them and even clean their cages.

but I think they wouldn't want to feed him. Riley likes to eat large quantities of healthy food, No pop tarts for him!

Last spring our neighbor told us about a man who kept pigeons and would give him some of his pigeons who didn't do this trick, (they do flips) very well. They are very amusing to watch.

Well, this Sunday Riley left the cage open and the pigeons wouldn't cooperate and go back in so we had to leave them out, and of course they got ate, and now we have the babies to take care of.

I hate feeding baby birds, they don't do well in my care, and Riley isn't any better at it,
So here is my dilemma do I take them to the local bird lady Diana Freedman, who always ends up with any baby bird I find, Last year it was cardinals, I just couldn't let them die. or take my chances, Riley has decided he doesn't care for birds very much.
the funny part is he wants a corn snake now so bad he can't see straight. What could go wrong with a corn snake?


  1. I am NOT going to give my pigons to the bird lady like my mom said.

  2. Hi Riley ~ Bless your heart. I hope the little pigeons thrive and survive under your tender loving care. They will look at you as their papa now. I'm sure you already talk to them and pet them, so just keep on doing that. Just don't introduce them to your corn snake when you get one. :-)

    Love and hugs ~ Aunt FlowerLady

  3. I guess I would let the bird lady have them if you couldn't care for them..I know I wouldn't want a job like that,it is very hard to get them to live.but I know it would be hard for Riley to give them up..good luck...

  4. With school starting up again maybe the Bird Lady would be the right decision. However, if you decide to raise the babes it will give you a great feeling of pride and satisfation.

  5. No opinion on the birds but keep in mind that a corn snake in captivity will likely live waaaaaay longer than their life expectancy!