Monday, August 31, 2009


These are the newest editions to the family.
We went to Indianapolis to the reptile show at the state fair grounds.
It was another world, along with seeing a lot of slithering and scampering things we got our fill of tattooed bodies, and Pierced tongs, yuck! It felt like we went into one of those side shows you pay to get into, and we did five bucks a Piece, it was an experience we will never forget.
Oh yeah remember me asking what could go wrong with buying a snake?, well we found out on the first night. One got out. But no worries we found him.
Riley says;
I love my new snakes. They are so beautiful. I could sit and look at them all day. I have already named the male Julius Squeezer because they are constrictors, but I haven't come up with a good snake name for the female.
I would like the name to have a historic link and it to be funny. I would love suggestions please.
At the snake show I was in haven. Their was so many snakes and frogs and insects there. Some frogs a big as a small plate, some tiny poison dart frogs, tarantulas, and bearded dragons galore . I had a blast.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gnat trap

I am so relieved to find a way to kill gnats that doesn't result in breeding them.
all you do is make a funnel out of a paper plate that only has a hole big enough for the little tyrants to squeeze through and tape it.
I use a clothes pin to secure it so there are no gaps around the top edges and so it doesn't get knocked off.
Now if only I can find a way to keep bananas from getting brown before my family gets a chance to eat them.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The pet dilemma

My son loves animals, he would live at the pet store if we left him there, I'm sure the owners wouldn't mind, He would gladly handle each one of the animals to tame them and even clean their cages.

but I think they wouldn't want to feed him. Riley likes to eat large quantities of healthy food, No pop tarts for him!

Last spring our neighbor told us about a man who kept pigeons and would give him some of his pigeons who didn't do this trick, (they do flips) very well. They are very amusing to watch.

Well, this Sunday Riley left the cage open and the pigeons wouldn't cooperate and go back in so we had to leave them out, and of course they got ate, and now we have the babies to take care of.

I hate feeding baby birds, they don't do well in my care, and Riley isn't any better at it,
So here is my dilemma do I take them to the local bird lady Diana Freedman, who always ends up with any baby bird I find, Last year it was cardinals, I just couldn't let them die. or take my chances, Riley has decided he doesn't care for birds very much.
the funny part is he wants a corn snake now so bad he can't see straight. What could go wrong with a corn snake?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

MY blog about nothing

The three main things you need to be a good blogger is: a good picture, a reporters mind, and some willing victims who don't mind being written about.

I have a camera, and always wish I had it with me, or I run out of batteries, or my subject runs away like ; kids, wildlife, pets,.

I do have some really funny ideas on how to post, but nobody really wants the world to know them as the butt of my jokes, plus my English teacher may not be very happy at grammar and punctuation if she saw this blog.

so there you have it why I haven't been doing much blogging.
I still enjoy reading and commenting on what others blog about.


Monday, August 10, 2009

an Owl ate my baby

This morning a Owl eat my favorit chicken, she was one of the chics from this year and was suppost to lay colored eggs, What a bummer.
the chicks are already teens, the older chickens often put them in there place.
Shuch is life on the farm.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quabache State Park

It's pronounced Wabash, and we had a great time camping there, Its not very far from our home and has a lot of fun things we enjoy doing.

They have a great bike trail that is off the road, goes through the woods, and works it's way to the downtown of Bluffton Indiana where we found the best treasure of all: the Bluffton Library. Its not very convenient for us at all but they have computer classes. I cant seem to find any classes available around my home.

there is a pond with canoe and paddle boats, at the park, Riley had fun sneaking up on the turtles and trying to capture them, no luck thank goodness, I was afraid I might have had to frisk him for aquatic life before we left the pond, because I am sure he would try to keep something it's just the animal lover he is.

we all read John Grisham's THE TESTAMENT it was a great book, and I listened to it on audio with the kids, I like how the lady missionary affected the lawyers outlook on life and that the inheritance had no affect on her.
The kids and I are glad school will start soon, its always great to have something to do.
I will go back to the Bible study at our church, its a long drive and I don't like to drive, There is a section of the highway I drive where accidents occur often, I just missed one last year where a truck slammed into a line of traffic that was stopped for road construction, it killed one woman and injured the maintenance man from my church. I always pray when I go through there.