Monday, May 3, 2010

Someone at Jenny Wren's nest went Broody

This Spring I decided to get 4 new chicks. I was hoping for Americana chicks, but they were sold out, so the kids and I choose from what they had at the store. The kids fell in love with the silky bantams, so I let them get black and white silky. Then I decided I wanted to get barred rock and Rhode Island red. Of course I thought I had to have two of each. That was back in April.

Then I found out I could order the Americana chicks that I wanted, so I did. I kept it to myself because I knew better, and my husband told me not to get to many chickens, but the are so cute!
Any how, I ended up with twelve chicks because the kids thought they had to have more bantams, and I thought I could keep their interest in the chickens if they each had a couple of chickens to call their own. I'm not sure what Pip, the red faced chicken in the front, thinks about all the new babies, but we are going to find out soon, because the older batch of chicks need moved out of the green movable chicken house they are in. They have outgrown it, and the babies need to be move out of the brooder box.
we have been so busy, I can't believe how long its been since I have blogged.